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Rebeca miraba

Suite 105


(Golden Hour Aesthetics)

Rebeca is a professional, ethical, and result driven Licensed Esthetician for over 10 years and having worked in different modules, her values revolve around helping people achieve and easily sustain a healthy skin from the inside out. Providing them with tools, knowledge, and information about their skin care and bringing awareness to their daily skin rituals. Going from feeling lost and finding my way back with the help of skincare, I want to offer my clients the opportunity to find deep connection with themselves through skincare. After many years of working for others I began to look for something that would level up the experience and my service to others. As a result, I began to build limits for my own vision. This is when I decide to begin my own business to give my clients the best experience and service. Being always in constant change and growth has always been reflected onto my business overall. We believe that receiving the best treatments at the spa and implementing at home routines will bring our clients one step closer to creating a better connection with themselves and achieving a healthier skin.

Phone: (561) 460-0885

IG: @thegoldenhourmedspa

Business Hours:

Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10:00-6:00
Wednesday: 10
Thursday: 10
Friday: 10
Saturday: 10

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